Bike Rental Jodhpur

Khamma Ghani sa!!!! Welcome to jodhpur.

Over view of Jodhpur

Jodhpur is 2nd Largest city after Jaipur in Rajasthan.This city is also known as Blue city and sun city. Confused?? okay i will explain all.

Why Jodhpur is called blue city?

Jodhpur is known as very hot city.In summer time temperature here is around 43 degree Celsius which is super hot if you are from any other county as  well as for us( Jodhpur people) also. People painted their houses with blue colour because it acts as cooling agent to keep houses cool. Right now people have AC and Coolers in their houses but in old time there was nothing like that.

Why Jodhpur is called Sun city?

i love suncity
i love suncity

As Jodhpur is so hot and people here says that first ray of sun in this area comes to jodhpur first so it is called Sun City


Tourism and Bike rental in jodhpur

If you are in jodhpur and looking to explore jodhpur completely then you will need a vehicle that can go to tiny streets of jodhpur is a bike rental service in jodhpur where you can rent any bike you want on hourly basis or on daily basis.

Prices for bike rental in jodhpur

  • Honda Active: Rs. 350/- Day
  • Hero Splendor : Rs. 350/- Day
  • Royal Enfield Classic 350: Rs 850/- Day

Terms and condition:

  • These prices are not valid on weekend and holidays.
  • 1 Complementary helmet  will be provided and 2nd helmet is available on request.

Contact person: Mr. Prakash (+91-9587138000)